Bolena For Congress 2020

A True Conservative, Card-Carrying Christian, and Ultra Conservative Party


About Me

A proud father of three children and doting grandparent of three grandchildren, I have always been focused on the family and work/life balance. I am also into inspirational and motivational speaking. I will motivate you with my down-home Southern style of leadership that puts Christianity and conservatism at the forefront.

I am the author of three popular self-help books, Master Manipulator, Just Do the Little Things, and Broken. I also host a live podcast and deliver keynote talks that will inspire you to stay positive, put Christ first, and make family the reason to reach for the stars and chase the American dream of life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.

An Atlanta native for more than 30 years, I value community involvement and was a candidate for mayor in a suburb of North Atlanta and my home of Sandy Springs, Georgia in the 2010 election. Now, I plan to lead Georgia’s 6th congressional district into 2020. Get in touch with my staff if you wish to support the Bolena For Congress 2020 campaign. 

Personal Background

I was born on December 22, 1964. The son of a police officer and a realtor, I was raised in a Christian home with one brother and two sisters. My family and I are very active in our church and the community of Sandy Springs in the 6th district of North Atlanta, Georgia.

I spent the majority of my college career at Liberty University, concentrating in American History, Biblical Studies, World Religion, and Political Science. I also studied at Hillsdale College.

A true conservative and card-carrying Christian and founder of the Ultra Conservative Party, 

I deliver conservative wit and wisdom with true Southern style.

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